Monday, 8 September 2014

Abandoned Places VII: Longbridge Tunnels (East Works)

So after spending a month cooped up inside writing for university, I celebrated by heading to the Midlands for a well needed break, and met up with a very lovely and helpful guy who took us all over to stake out some really interesting places. So many in fact, that it deserves multiple postings! The first was this place, and the cause of me totally scabbing up my right leg- all part of the fun though eh? If you ain't broke by the end then you haven't worked hard enough  guess!

These are the first photos I have attempted to take underground, so whilst they aren't great, I am pretty proud that you can actually see things in them (the Paris catacomb photos were so bad I couldn't bring myself to share them). 

The first place our fantastic guide took us was this tunnel, part of a system under Longbridge that was used to house and assembled aircraft engines and components during WWII.

These were in one of the little rooms off the main tunnel.

It was incredibly dark down there, and rather wet and gooey. Really it was just as well I had been down the catas twice before as it meant that perpetually damp feet didn't bother me as much as it would have before...

Some truly grotty toilets...

Below are some shots of the tunnels close to the entrance and so lit naturally.

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